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Go Mobile In-Store For Christmas

With the impending Christmas rush it may be time to look to new in-store mobile checkout technologies that will allow you deliver a fast and memorable check out experience. Using smartphones and tablets as part of your customer experience is now a reality for retailers. These technologies can beat the queues and give your customers a differentiated and memorable check out experience. Mobile retail solutions are now available on one device delivering both bar code scanning and card payment facilities. The technology allows retailers to combine excellent customer service without compromising on best practice.

The check out is often a source of stress and bottlenecks for customers and retailers alike. The check out presents the retailer with their last opportunity to give customers a memorable experience, be it good or bad! When sales associates are armed with mobile POS technology they do not have to walk the customer to a traditional counter check-out. The interaction away from the “counter” can help increase up-sells and cross-sells by keeping the customer close to your merchandise. Sales of out of stock items can also be managed by creating orders for delivery using the same mobile retail solution. The experience is further enhanced with e-mailed receipts thereby allowing retailer to grow their post Christmas mailing lists.

Our early adopters of this mobile retail technology have reported that in addition to increasing sales and reducing queuing, they also reported gains in labour productivity. The mobile check-out enabled staff to process more customers per hour than they would have done at traditional counter based touch screen retail systems.  The close interaction between store staff armed with mobile POS and customers created new upsell opportunities. Besides shortening queues, the application changed idle time spent waiting to revenue-producing selling time. The mobile POS solution allow sales associates to create a “one-to-one” relationship with each customer thereby giving the feeling of more attention and individual service, which improves the customer experience and loyalty.

At eirpoint (www.eirpoint.com) we continuously innovating to deliver leading edge retail systems. We consider ourselves the leading authority on mobile retail solutions and have retailers using these technologies in Ireland, UK, Europe and more recently in the USA.


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