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The results of a recent survey indicates retailers that deploy pop-up / store mobile retail solutions are seeing over 100% growth in sales. Retailers using mobile retail systems to enhance their customer experience and assist with fast checkouts are projected to see an increase of 146% sales growth in 2018.

The survey findings also revealed that retailers who are deploying Mobile POS successfully saw a 24% average increase in sales in 2017, over retailers who don’t implement mobility in their stores. Additionally, retailers that are underperforming with flat or declining growth – who reported deploying store Mobile POS – saw a 100% increase in sales for 2017, and predict another 47% growth.

These increases in sales may be attributed to the personalised experience of shoppers interacting with an in-store assistants through mobile devices. Moreover, sales assistants can complete the purchase during the point of conversation as customers shop, offering the opportunity for associates to upsell and cross-sell merchandise. The opportunity that mobile POS systems  and indeed mobile payment systems give sales staff cannot be underestimated. Retailers understand that creating rapport with customer is critical to closing sales and the deployment of mobile POS systems gives sales assistants the opportunity to create this rapport.

While using in-store mobile resulted in monumental opportunities for some retailers, the survey’s data also reveals many other retailers face significant challenges implementing this technology, with five common setbacks repeatedly mentioned, including:

  • 75% of retailers reported not having the proper applications in place
  • 60% noted lack of adequately trained staff in-store
  • 59% of participants cited the scarcity of internal help desk support
  • 47% surveyed stated a shortage of acceptable payment options
  • 45% point out managing mobile security is complicated and demanding

eirpoint have successfully deployed mobile POS solutions for our clients (e.g. Dubarry of Ireland, Bristol Airport & Riot Games) in locations from Berlin to Boston allowing them to differentiate their site experience from competitors AND give customers an experience they will remember.


About eirpoint

eirpoint is a retail software and solutions house based in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland with global research in deploying innovative retail systems. The company is exclusively focussed on delivering the best retail systems to our clients including ePOS, mobile POS, e-commerce solutions and stock control.

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We have been working with retailers for close to 15 years in order to grow their business. The evolution of retail over this period of time has meant that we have helped retailers to embrace new sales channel opportunities. The World of retail is moving with pace towards an omni channel retail marketplace where competition is keen and the ability to respond rapidly to customer queries on all channels is a pre-requisite to staying in business. As software developers we value and plan for integration between retail ERP solution and your website. Our comprehensive API gateway ensures that we can integrate our retail software solutions with a myriad of shopping cart systems including Magento, Open Cart and nopCommerce. Integration between your ePOS software and your ecommerce website allows for maintaining accurate real time stock control and allows you to update your stock levels at the touch of a button.

Benefits of eirpoint ePOS Integration

Duplication of Effort
When your ePOS and ecommerce website are integrated there is no need for duplicate data entry. Inferior retail solutions will require you to maintain two separate product, sales and customer databases. With our integrated solutions none of this is required as your ePOS and website share the same data.

Stock Control
Your ePOS and website also will hold the same stock figures. If you sell from the website or from the physical store your stock is updated accordingly. You can manage dedicated stock for your web sales or you can serve both sales channels from the same stock location. The choice is yours and our retail solution  supports both approaches to ecommerce stock control.

Open 24 hours 365 Days a year
Even after your physical store is closed for business your website will continue to sell. Stock figures are adjusted and sales will be processed.

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