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There have been a lot of developments in Europe with regard to mobile payments for smart phones. A lot of venture capital has been invested in chip and signature based solutions for accepting card payment on smart phone devices. However, the card issuers, in particular, Visa, have stepped in and said enough is enough! Visa and Mastercard invested a lot of money in introducing chip and pin based card payments and are not about to see this investment being eroded by the less secure, albeit merchant friendly, low cost chip and signature solutions. Their intervention to halt the progress of iZettle and others means that chip and signature based payments are awkward, not cardholder friendly and a long way from the friction less payment solution we all want to see.

At eirpoint we have followed the path of delivering mobile retail solutions with integrated chip and pin from the outset. We believed that the best way to serve both merchants and customers was to deliver a secure mobile epos with chip and pin based payments. We released our first mobile ePOS solution with integrated chip and pin card payment based on the Motorola MC75 handheld using the chip and pin ready DCR snap-on device. This solution is alive and well being used for mobile event based retailing. Our first customer, Dubarry of Ireland, uses this solution to manage sales, stock control and take mobile payments in both Ireland and the UK.

As part of our drive to combine best practice ePOS (retail solutions) with mobile card payments we are about to release our beta version of our iOS and Android smart phone point of sale solution. In line with our strategy, this development will be supporting friction free chip and pin security by integrating with both the Miura Bluetooth device and the Ingenico iSMP sled based payment system (as already adopted in ,many European Apple stores). Without a first class mobile retail solution there’s little need for mobile payments. Our strategy has been to develop mobile retail solutions and support these solutions with the best of secure and accredited card payment devices available in the market.

eirpoint are pleased to announce that Shannon Ferry Group are now using handheld ticketing units to sell and manage their ticketing requirements on their busy Tarbert-Killimer route.   A second ferry is due to commence service on the 1st of July for the summer season.  Yet another step forward in payment and sales on the move from eirpoint!

eirpoint are, once again, delighted to be a part of the next Retail Excellence Ireland “Retail Retreat”, scheduled for September 2012.  If last year was anything to go by, this year’s two-day event will be full of interesting and informative workshops and talks, about that subject so dear to us all…Retailing!

Heineken have taken delivery of our new stock control software solution. This is aimed at reducing the loss of metal kegs in their business. This problem has become especially problematic given the recent increases in the cost of all metals.

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