About Us

We build brilliant retail solutions for progressive and passionate retailers. We were an early researcher and subsequent developer of mobile retail systems and achieved a number of notable firsts in this sector. We add bar code scanning, mobile card payments and a lot of intelligent data collection to smart phones and rugged handhelds in order to create a really useful solution for retail sales and operations. To date we have deployed over 3000 mobile retail licenses in over 800 stores on Apple®, Android® and Windows Mobile® devices across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Eirpoint are a leading provider of mobile POS solutions, ePOS software and ePOS hardware in Ireland/UK and across Europe.

We like to solve retailers’ technical and procedural issues with the application of clever software solutions. We like to give retailers solutions that allow them to keep focussed on their customers. One of our customers, Greg Davidson of The Cliffs Of Moher recently described us as “practical problem solving guys with a genuine customer focus, further backed up by an extremely efficient support team”.

We create satisfied customers through the delivery of quality software backed up with attentive and proactive support. Tracy Wallace of Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland describes our support as “pro-active, fast and available at all times”.


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