Case Study – Cliffs of Moher



The Cliffs of Moher is Ireland’s most visited natural attraction. The cliffs stretch for 8km (5miles), as the crow flies, along the Atlantic coast of County Clare in the west of Ireland and reach 214m (702 feet) at their highest point. The Cliffs use the visitor-Point solution for mobile ticketing within the attraction enabling the sales of tickets for entry to the O’Brien’s Tower attraction. Ticket sales and validations are updated in real-time, which results in greatly improved cash management, card payment processing and better security.



The Cliffs Of Moher management team wanted to implement a flexible mobile ticketing solutions that could be deployed at speed anywhere within the ground of the attraction.

Historically their ticketing systems were large fixed counter based systems and these were unsuitable for mobile operations.

They needed a mobile ticketing solution that could be initially used to control access to the O’Brien’s Tower area and, in time, could also be used to control the main entrance access. The business needed a solution that delivered excellent customer service while ensuring tenders and ticket information was captured for best practice management.


Castle handhelf

Using our existing mobile retail technologies we delivered a system that satisfied all of the customer’s needs. We implemented our visitor-Point solution linked to our cloud hosted ERP solution. The ERP solution delivered a ticket management system and an ERP management reporting module to allow Cliffs of Moher see and control all ticket sales in real-time. eirpoint™ implemented a Windows Mobile Motorola MC75 rugged handheld with DCR chip & PIN card reader that connected to an O’Neil mobile, printer over Bluetooth.

The solution was a success for the Cliffs of Moher and its customers, delivering the following tangible benefits: The use of visitor-Point meant time to perform ticket sales was greatly reduced. The solution allowed the Cliffs of Moher to accept card payments anywhere in the attraction. Customer experience was greatly enhanced as services were delivered much more quickly.

Greg Davidson, Manager, Cliffs Of Moher, said: “eirpoint™ are extremely attentive to our needs. They are pro-active in their support and always ready to improve and enhance their offering.”

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