Case Study – Bristol Airport


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Bristol Airport is the fifth largest in the UK outside London. It serves South West England and South Wales, with over seven million people living within a two hour drive time. Over 100 direct destinations are served by 11 scheduled airlines; including EasyJet and RyanAir, and the major UK tour operators, TUI and Thomas Cook. KLM, and Brussels  Airlines operate multiple daily services to major European hubs, providing convenient access to onward connections
across the globe.


Products such as Fast Track, left luggage and shower facilities enhance the airport’s customer service offering whilst providing the airport with ancillary revenues.

Each of these services was previously either unavailable or being sold
only for cash with a paper based fulfillment process. Therefore, a mobile retail solution was required to streamline the process, provide an audit and reconciliation capability, provide business intelligence and enable Chip & Pin card payments.


eirpoint worked closely with the world’s leading supplier of IT and communications to the airline and airport industry to deliver a solution to fit Bristol Airport’s needs.

At the solution’s heart is the eirpoint air-Point mobile point of sale software and back office management suite.

It is deployed on the airport floor on the Motorola MC75A with a snap-on DCR chip and PIN reader.

Mobile printing needs are fulfilled with a Bluetooth connection to Zebra printers.



eirpoint has used its expertise in mobile retail solutions to develop its air-PointTM product, which is specifically tailored to airport mobile retailing and the ancillary retail requirements of airports, airlines and ground handlers.   BUSINESS VALUE TO THE CLIENT The solution was a success for Bristol Airport and its customers, delivering the following tangible benefits:

  •   The use of mPOS meant time to process a left luggage bag was reduced from ten minutes to two minutes per bag.
  •   Over a year, this saves around 160 hours per full-time equivalent.
  •   Customer experience was greatly enhanced as services were delivered much more quickly.
  •   Many customers commented on the use of mobile computing as very impressive, presenting Bristol 
Airport as an innovative business.  


Phil Holder Head of Operations Support, Bristol Airport, said: “introducing mobility payment to the products we offer has enhanced both the customer and staff experience, speeding up the transaction process and importantly providing historic reporting capability. The system will also allow future products to be added at anytime”

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