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As software developers, sometimes to the detriment of our profitability, we get a kick out of innovating. The salesmen get a kick out of sales but it’s not the sales that motivate us. No, we’re motivated by creating really useful mobile solutions for retailers that solve a real World problem. Or perhaps we like creating solutions that reshape how retailers can interact with their customers – and assume the retailers and customers will embrace the change. For programmers it’s all the art of the possible and the kick we get from creating. We’d give it all away for free if we could just to make more retail users happy; now there’s an idea…! Marketing, are you listening?

We are close to launching (note Marketing do influence us) our Apple and Android mobile retail solution – the smartphone POS – or as Marketing call it – our “POS in a box”. We’re working closely with two early adopter retailers that appreciate experiential shopping who are pushing us hard to implement this unique mobile retail solution in their stores for the Christmas 2014 rush. The solution we’ve developed is a marriage of our expertise in retail handheld applications (with over 3000 happy retail users) and our software development skills.

We think our mobile retail POS system is sexy but we have not forgotten that the old retail business rules of merchandise management, smart buying, margin monitoring and stock control still matter. We’ve listened to what our retail user base want and linked our front office Mobile ePOS with our back office cloud retail ERP solution. Our mobile ePOS pays homage to the birth of Bluetooth mobile card payment devices through our partnership with the clever people from Adyen and Mint Wireless. We’ve teamed up with Infinite Peripherals to exploit their Linea Pro bar code scanners to turn the iPhone and/ or iPod Touch into a retailers shop floor friend.

We combine this with an integrated shopping cart solution to give retailers a multi-channel platform for growth with control. We can still deliver our trustworthy touch screen POS. However our multi-channel development strategy means we can cover in-store mobile and web channels. All channels are linked to our cloud based Retail ERP. Pricing – if we must – is all wrapped up in a Software As A Service price plan.

Our developers are excited, why wouldn’t they be? We just have to get marketing guys motivated now; this blog should help!

There have been a lot of developments in Europe with regard to mobile payments for smart phones. A lot of venture capital has been invested in chip and signature based solutions for accepting card payment on smart phone devices. However, the card issuers, in particular, Visa, have stepped in and said enough is enough! Visa and Mastercard invested a lot of money in introducing chip and pin based card payments and are not about to see this investment being eroded by the less secure, albeit merchant friendly, low cost chip and signature solutions. Their intervention to halt the progress of iZettle and others means that chip and signature based payments are awkward, not cardholder friendly and a long way from the friction less payment solution we all want to see.

At eirpoint we have followed the path of delivering mobile retail solutions with integrated chip and pin from the outset. We believed that the best way to serve both merchants and customers was to deliver a secure mobile epos with chip and pin based payments. We released our first mobile ePOS solution with integrated chip and pin card payment based on the Motorola MC75 handheld using the chip and pin ready DCR snap-on device. This solution is alive and well being used for mobile event based retailing. Our first customer, Dubarry of Ireland, uses this solution to manage sales, stock control and take mobile payments in both Ireland and the UK.

As part of our drive to combine best practice ePOS (retail solutions) with mobile card payments we are about to release our beta version of our iOS and Android smart phone point of sale solution. In line with our strategy, this development will be supporting friction free chip and pin security by integrating with both the Miura Bluetooth device and the Ingenico iSMP sled based payment system (as already adopted in ,many European Apple stores). Without a first class mobile retail solution there’s little need for mobile payments. Our strategy has been to develop mobile retail solutions and support these solutions with the best of secure and accredited card payment devices available in the market.

eirpoint are pleased to announce that Shannon Ferry Group are now using handheld ticketing units to sell and manage their ticketing requirements on their busy Tarbert-Killimer route.   A second ferry is due to commence service on the 1st of July for the summer season.  Yet another step forward in payment and sales on the move from eirpoint!

eirpoint are, once again, delighted to be a part of the next Retail Excellence Ireland “Retail Retreat”, scheduled for September 2012.  If last year was anything to go by, this year’s two-day event will be full of interesting and informative workshops and talks, about that subject so dear to us all…Retailing!

Heineken have taken delivery of our new stock control software solution. This is aimed at reducing the loss of metal kegs in their business. This problem has become especially problematic given the recent increases in the cost of all metals.

Exciting times at the eirpoint offices as we prepare all the necessary equipment for this special date.  This is what mobility in retailing is all about…having worked with Dubarry of Ireland to refine our Mobile Epos offering in the Irish Market, now it’s time to move on.  Our solution will be tried and tested at one of the largest outdoor retailing events in the UK, The Cheltenham Festival.

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